Broadmeadow Community Garden
12 Month Plan

August 2010

Sat 28th @1:30pm       Visit to Summerhill Community Garden, Summer St.
                                    Kevin Downey will give a talk on how he set up the Summerhill community                                    garden onsite. Refreshments will be served afterwards.  All Welcome


Sat 11th @ 11pm         Design Workshop
                                    Design of Community garden layout.
                                    Communal Area Plant Selection
                                    Trees, fruit bushes & herbs to be chosen for ordering through Fingal Co Co

21st - 23rd @ 7pm     Fringe Festival Community Garden Film


Sat 16thth @11am      Bulb Planting with Fingal Co Co

Sat 30th @ 11am          Art Workshop
                                    Making Hollowe'en inspired art for the garden. Incl bird feeders, scarecrows,                                                    & pumpkin carving.


Sat 6th @ 11am            Breaking Ground
                                    Erecting fencing & planting hedgerow.
                                    Making raised beds and fill with sieved compost and soil mix.
                                    Planting fruit trees and bushes
                                    Making water harvester.


Sat 11th @ 11am          Black Gold – the art of Composting
                                    Reusables, gardening that doesn't cost the earth!

January 2011

Sat 15th @ 11am          Getting Started – Guest speaker giving tip and trick to growing your own for                                   the beginner gardener.


Sat 19th @ 11am          Seed Planting – What to grow and when?


Sat 19th @ 11am          Planting the 1st Potatoes
                                    St Patricks day is traditionally the start of the planting season, start by                                               planting a few spuds which will be ready as early as july!

16th @ 11am                Onsite Seed Sewing & Planting of Herb Garden

30th @ 11am                Art Workshop – Make fun and Funky label for your plants!


14th May @ 11am       Hanging Basket Workshop – How to make a hanging basket. Trick and                                        techniques on hastle free baskets.

28th May @ 12am       Insect Warfare!
                                    How to control those nasty critters without chemicals


Sat 21st  @ 1pm           Mid Summers Day – Family Fun Day & BBQ
                                    Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor in the Garden!


Sat 16th                        Harvesting and Planting the secrets of successional sowing