Thursday, April 4, 2013

What going on the the veg plot?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have your wellies polished and trowels at the ready, the planting season is about to begin!

Traditionally St Patricks Day is the day to plant your spuds, as they are meant to be blessed by the holy day.
Well with the horrible weather we have been having blessed is not the word I would use to describe us! Ideally the ground should have warmed up a bit more to plant potatoes as they are very frost sensitive. They are from South America dont forget.

So if im not planting now what can i be doing?

Potatoes need to be chitted to give them the best start. Chitting simply means sprouting them. All you have to so is place them with eyes up (the little dimples in the end of the spud) in an egg carton or modular tray, and put them in a light but not bright place.
Make sure they dont touch and trow away and bad looking ones. Rem one bad apple spoils the crop!

Where to get spuds and what to buy. There are so many out there! You can get potatoes in most garden centres and DIY shops. I bought mine in Rolestown Garden Centre as they are always good quality.

Potatoes can be put into 3 catagories according to planting First earlies, second earlies and main crop. Sounds complicated but its not. When do you what to eat your spuds?
They all go in at the same time but are ready at different times. Then what kind of spuds do you like. Soapy or flowery and what whay will you be cooking them?
Liuckly the shops have mad it easy by telling us how best to cook your spuds.

the main thing is to pick the spuds you like and grow them Im growing Sharpes Express as tasty first early thats good boiled and in salads and Cara a prolific main crop that has good resistance to blight. But its up to you, generally i say go with the ones that are expensive in the shops.

If you just cant resist getting out there and planting something onion sets can be planted now. Red baron and Stutgartter are the ones in planting. Just rem each tiny onion turns into a big onion. Dont do what I did my 1st year and plant over 300 onions. No one can eat that many in a year!! Trust me!

Happy Gardening!!


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